Who Are We?

We are a group of concerned individuals who met each other in many activities (college, education, outdoors, and professional activities). We come from many areas of expertise (education, computer, law, marketing, administrative and CPA), but we are united in our concern for the planet and continued human existence on it.

Seth Evans serves on the leadership team of Elders Climate Action Massachusetts. Recently retired from 19 years of teaching elementary school in Needham, MA, he remains active in the Oxford, Massachusetts Teachers Association. Seth has also organized service workers in a Boston hospital, worked as a consultant to worker-owned businesses, and founded and managed a worker-owned home health care company. The father of two grown children, he lives in Brookline, MA.


Ted Hall is a former high school science teacher and principal who currently works as a school coach in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine. He has been co-leading “Can We Stop Climate Change” courses since the winter of 2021. As a science teacher, he brought environmental topics alive in his classroom and has maintained an interest in climate change action since that time. He lives in southern Maine where he spends lots of time kayaking, cycling, hiking, and cross country skiing.


Margie Lee’s educational background is in government and public policy. She has always been concerned with environmental issues and involved in grassroots educational efforts. She worked in higher ed administration and as a volunteer educator for grassroots organizations like Beyond War and Foundation for Global Community. She loves outdoors activities, has a keen appreciation of nature, and hopes to help preserve a healthy world for her three grandsons and future generations.


Tony Lee lives in the Boston area and is a retired CPA and former US Navy officer. He began working on environmental and non-profit causes in 1980 with Friends of the Earth, and has continued to do so throughout his life, particularly around climate change. He has developed and led the Can We Stop Climate Change course in conjunction with Elders Climate Action. When Tony isn’t teaching about climate change he enjoys mountain biking and gardening.


John More is a retired lawyer living in Washington DC and Maine. In the 1970s he was a co-founder of the RI Chapter of the Sierra Club, and he later worked as an environmental lawyer. More recently he has linked his long-term community organizing for affordable housing, education, and safe streets in DC with environmental justice issues with the DC Chapter of the Sierra Club—primarily to meet DC’s net zero carbon goals. John also enjoys sailing, hiking, and refereeing soccer.


Tom Rawson is a recently retired 7th- and 8th-grade science teacher who lives near Boston. He attended and then started leading Can We Stop Climate Change courses, and also works on climate change education with Mass. Audubon. His environmental interest began with work on campus for the first Earth Day in 1969. Before becoming a teacher Tom ran his own software business for many years. He spends his free time doing carpentry, bicycle riding, and hiking.


As a teenager Debra Taylor’s father handed her a new report, “The Limits to Growth”. It helped her understand systems thinking about limited planetary resources like fossil fuels. Now almost 50 years later, Debra sees the Can We Stop Climate Change? modules as providing frameworks to understand climate change, and the opportunity to learn with community support how to act on mitigation. With our effort, Debra envisions an acceleration of positive action and hopeful energy that will alter the course of climate change.